Zerodha Coin – Direct Mutual Fund Platform Review

Zerodha Coin is an online platform which allows you to buy Mutual Funds Directly. You must be aware that mutual funds can be purchased in two ways either via a distributor or directly from AMC. When you purchase mutual funds via distributor you need to pay commission to the distributor. The commission charges are variable, but generally, it is in the range of 1.5%.When you purchase mutual fund directly via AMC website, you need not pay any commission charges. However, you need to visit multiple AMC/Fund house website to order and manage your portfolio. You can overcome this problem by making an investment through Zerodha Coin.

What is Zerodha Coin?

Zerodha Coin is direct mutual fund platform. Zerodha Coin platform is managed by discount broking firm Zerodha. This platform allows you to buy mutual funds online, without any commission directly from AMC companies. You can invest across 2000+ direct mutual funds via this platform. For first 25000 Rs/-, there are no charges as such for investment on direct mutual funds. Zerodha Charges Rs.50 per month if your direct mutual fund investment is more than Rs.25000.

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Zerodha Coin Key Features

  • No commissions on the investment made in direct mutual funds using this platform.
  • Direct Mutual Funds will be DEMAT from, one single portfolio across equity, mutual fund, and currency.
  • Single Dashboard for managing mutual funds at single place.
  • Single Capital Gain statement and Profit & Loss statement.
  • SIP facility called as Easy SIP. Easy SIP allows you to start, stop and modify SIP at any time.
  • You can track order and see NAV online similar to stock market. You can place an order to buy and redeem fund based on NAV.
  • Support up to 2000+ direct mutual funds.
  • A flat fee of Rs.50 per month for mutual fund transaction above Rs.25000. If your investment is below Rs.25000 you need not pay any fees.

Should you buy Mutual Fund via Zerodha Coin?

Currently, the way to buy direct mutual funds is to visit the AMC/fund house website or office and directly invest. This method generates different portfolio under different AMC. The entire process is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Zerodha Coin offers this facility via a single console. You need to pay Rs.600 per year to use this facility. Zerodha coin does not offer any expert recommendation or research inputs, you need to select funds on your own. Few funds are not available on Zerodha.

If you are ok with above shortcomings you can defiantly use Zerodha Coin Platform.

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How to buy Mutual Funds via Zerodha Coin?

Follow steps given below to buy Mutual Funds via Zerodha Coin

  1. Go to https://Coin.Zerodha.Com
  2. Click on Login. You can use Zerodha’s Credential. There are no separate credentials for Coin.
  3. Search for the fund name by typing its name in the search bar.
  4. Click on ‘Buy Direct’ Button. You will get another window. In this window just mention the amount you want to invest and click on ‘Buy’ button.
  5. If you want to create SIP then just click ‘Direct SIP’ button and enter details to setup SIP.

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