Vijay Kedia Stock Portfolio 2018

Vijay Kedia is one of the most successful stock market investor cum trader. Vijay Kedia manages his own stock portfolio as MD of Kedia Securities. He has created massive wealth from the stock market investment. Mr. Vijay Kedia is an inspiration to many stock market investors. Stock market investors should know about Kedia’s investment profile, success story, and investment strategies. Here is complete information about Mr.Kedia along with his stock portfolio.

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Vijay Kedia Success Story

Vijay Kedia was born in the family of stockbrokers. His father and grandfather were stock brokers. Kedia realized his passion for stock market when he was 14. He had compulsion to join stock market trading family business when he was 19 years of age. He started earning a profit at the initial stage but after 2-3 years he faced losses. He realized that trading is not his cup of tea and he decided to stop trading.

He started a small business of supplying material to a tea garden in Calcutta. However, he could not able to achieve success in the business. He again started stock market trading. After doing trading for few years he realized that he can’t have the life he wanted. He read about the successful investors and decided to switch to investing.

He shifted to Mumbai in 1989 and started learning about fundamentals of stock market investing. He was living in the rented house and he had only capital of Rs.35000. He invested entire money in the stock of Punjab Tractor. The stock of Punjab Tractor has increased by 4-5 times in 3-4 years. After that, he sold entire stake in Punjab tractor and invested in ACC. ACC has turned out to be multibagger for him. Apart from ACC and Punjab tractor he invested and earned a lot of money in multibagger stocks such as Atul Auto and Aegis Logistics.

After that, he never looked back. He continued making money in the stock market by doing successful investment. In 2016, Vijay Kedia was conferred with a doctorate degree for Excellence in the field of management.

Vijay Kedia Stock Portfolio 2018

Vijay Kedia’s Stock Portfolio holdings as per latest BSE, NSE data and public information available on various portals are given below.

Lykis Limited
Repro India Limited
Aries Agro Limited
ABC Bearings
Everest Industries Limited
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited
Cheviot Co Ltd
Panasonic Energy India Ltd
The Karnataka Bank Limited
Apcotex Industries Limited
Cera Sanitaryware Limited
Vaibhav Global Limited
TCPL Packaging
Kokuyo Camlin Limited
Speciality Restaurants Limited
Astec LifeSciences Limited
MIRC Electronics Limited
Premier Explosives
Amrutanjan Health Care Limited


Vijay Kedia about Investor and Investment Strategies

Vijay Kedia believes that investors must have three qualities.

Knowledge – Investor should have the knowledge to find quality stocks. One can get this knowledge by reading books or from successful investors.

Courage – Stock market investment is a risky affair. An investor should have the courage to hold the stock for the longer duration.

Patience – Stock may move up or down. An investor should keep patience when stock remains underperforming for few days or months. An investor should have the patience to hold the stock for at least 5 years.

Vijay Kedia Popular Investment Strategies

  • Kedia follows SMILE as a principle in investing. SMILE means small in size, Medium in experience, large in aspiration and Extra-large in market potential.
  • Don’t look for complicated (or hidden) stories; look at well-known stocks with a simple business model.
  • Management is the primary consideration when buying a stock. Find good management and see the product in which the management is going to grow and outperform.
  • Be Patient – Don’t bother about rises and dips. Ups and downs are part of the market movement.
  • Invest for a minimum period of five years. It takes time for companies to mature and grow.
  • Book profit periodically. If a stock is overvalued make sure to encash your profit.

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