5 Unique Inspirational Startup Business Ideas

Startup means newly established business. Startup business are financed and operated by individual business owner. A success of startup depends on unique business idea.

India is going towards startup boom. There are many young and dynamic entrepreneurs that are aspired to become a successful business tycoon. A success of startup is highly depended on business idea. A unique business with less or no competition is likely to get quick success compared to traditional business ideas. So here is list of 5 Unique Inspirational Startup business ideas that helped their founders earn lakhs and crores. Theses startup ideas are low investment established by young entrepreneurs.

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5 Unique Inspirational Startup Business



GingerCup is unique startup in India that deals with personal advertising campaign on coffee cup. It is paper cup manufacturer offering a coffee cup with the logo of brand on it.

In this concept, a brand can engage with their customer during tea break at office, collage, IT parks, tea stall, railways, airlines, shopping mall, school etc. It is wonderful way to attract customer. The customer remains engage with cup around 3-4 minute till the time customer finishes coffee or tea.

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AskArvi is an IRDAI license insurance web aggregator platform that provides an interactive & intelligent insurance buying experience to customer via chatbot. You can chat with this platform and decide which insurance is best fit for you. You can purchase life, health and travel insurance via this platform.



Curofy is next in the list of unique startup business. Curofy is medical app specially made for the doctors. It is a platform for doctors to collaborate on clinical cases and to stay updated with the latest medical news and updates in the industry. It also helps the doctors to access the latest journals, medical guidelines, and MCQs. This app is available free on google play.



Pollution free air is big problem everywhere. The problem of fresh air is very high in India. In order to solve problem of fresh air Kaiterra startup has created product that sense air quality and display pollution percentage. It works on battery. It is a unique concept.



Qriyo is unique startup idea. It is home tuition app which helps students and parents to find Home Tuition, Tutors, Teachers, and Classes. It also provides education on the tap of button. You can even find teacher for yoga, music, dance and languages. It is very good startup concept.

Over to You –

I am sure that these startup business ideas will give an extra dimension to your thought on startup business idea.

Which business idea you prefer for your startup?

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