Top 7 Wealth Creator Stocks of 2018

The year 2018 was full of up and down for the Indian stock market. Sensex has touched all-time high 38896 in Aug 2018. However, the overall rise in the Sensex was only 6%. Majority of stock market investors are disappointed. Only a few stocks have turned out to be multibagger and wealth creator for the investors.

It is expected that the year 2019 will be the year of multibagger and many mid cap and small cap stock will outperform the market. As the year 2018 is approaching to its end, we performed analysis to find out winning stocks of 2018. To our surprise, we were able to find 15 wealth creator stocks for 2018.

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Top 7 Wealth Creator Stocks of 2018

Excel Industries

Excel Industries is a chemical manufacturing company. This company is a leader in producing crop protection chemical. Excel Industries has generated a 138% return for the investor in the year 2018.a


Merck is a pharmaceutical company in India. The parent organization of Merck is P&G. Merck has generated 132% return for the investor in the year 2018.


IOL is a chemical and pharmaceutical company. It is one of the oldest company. IOL has generated 100% returns for the investor in the year 2018.


Nelco India is a leading technology company. Nelco has generated 94% return for the investor in the year 2018.

wealth creator


HEG is one of the biggest wealth creators in large-cap segment this year. This stock gave a return of over 83% in 2018. The stock was also one of the biggest winners in 2017.

L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services is next in the list of wealth creator stock of 2018. L&T Technology services has generated 71% return in the year 2018.

L&T Infotech

L&T Infotech is leading IT Sector Company. L&T InfoTech has generated 57% return for the investor in the year 2018.

In addition to above few other stocks that have generated very good returns in 2018 are Adani Enterprise, Bata India, Tata Consultancy, Bajaj Finance, Tech Mahindra, Indiabull ventures, MindTree, Nestle India, Mphasis etc.

Over to you –

It is a good idea to monitor the yearly returns generated by good companies. However, while making an investment you should look at the fundamental of the stock. Investing in stock by looking at yearly return is not a good idea.

You should identify stock with strong fundamental, trading at a discounted price for generating higher returns.

Happy Investing.

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