Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in India

In past few decades India has progress far better in terms of infrastructure. It is expected that India will be one of the strongest economy by 2025. Per capita income of individual is growing, so the standard of living of people.

Today we have number of options available for the people to choose from and they can settle down in any city they want according to their choice and preference. We are herewith India’s 5 Top most expensive cities.

(1) Delhi

India’s capital Delhi is one of the top expensive cities in India. No doubt that Delhi is one of the best metropolitan cities of India.

Many major companies have their headquarters in this city. Further it is also the main political hub of the country. The real estate prices have increased a lot in this city.

(2) Mumbai

Mumbai financial capital of India is on second place in top most expensive city list. Mumbai is called as business hub and home to bollywood. One of the largest film industry in world live here.

The cost of living in Mumbai is quite high and so is the real estate in here.

(3) Banglore

Banglore is next in list of expensive cities. Banglore is called as IT hub & mostly all software and IT companies are based out at banglore.

IT professional at banglore are highly paid and hence it gives more purchasing power and comfort to banglore people this make city more expensive.

In the coming years, Bangalore will become one of the most expensive cities not only in India but in the whole Asia.

(4) Chennai

Chennai is fourth most expensive city in India. The outsourcing is one of the major industries in Chennai. Companies ranging from computers to Information technology, automobiles are the ones which have been a major backbone of Chennai’s economy.

(5) Hyderabad

Hyderabad is fifth most expensive city in India. Hyderabad is capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad is home for large number of IT companies. The other industries which have boomed in and around Hyderabad are of pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Due to all these factors the real estate rate as well the cost of living in this city has taken a sharp rise. Hyderabad is good place for real estate investment.

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in India

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