Top 5 Best Consistent performer stocks past 3 years

Suppose you are an investor planning to put some money in stock market. How do you select the best stock for the investment? Well, answer to this question depends upon person to person. However, one common method would be collecting a lot of information, conducting a research in order to find the best stock of a reputable company with good business potential.

The chances are good that you will select the best stock which will come out as a winner and you will never regret your decision. But, it may be possible that volatility and correction of the market do not allow your stock to perform better and you may lose your money.

Don’t worry here is something special for you. Today I will be sharing top 5 best consistent performer stocks of last 3 years. These stocks are giving consistently positive returns since past 3 years. Sounds interesting right, so without wasting your time let’s try to look at Top 5 Best Consistent Performer Stocks since past 3 years.

Top 5 Best Consistent performer stocks since past 3 years

Gujarat Borosil

Gujarat Borosil is in business on glass manufacturing. Gujarat Borosil also produces solar glass that is being exported in many countries. Gujarat Borosil is consistent performer stock. This year Gujarat Borosil has given 41% return to investor. Last year this stock has given 148% return.

DFM Foods

DFM Foods is second consistent performer stock. DFM foods is in business of manufacturing, selling and marketing of packaged snack foods. DFM is constantly performing well since past three years. Last year this stock has doubled the money of investors. DFM Foods is expected to perform better in future.

Waterbase Limited

Waterbase Limited is leading manufacturer of high quality shrimp feed in India. Waterbase is exporting these shrimp to global market especially Japan, Europe and USA. Waterbase is consistent performer stock since past three years. Waterbase has given 94% return to investor in past three years.

Supreme Industries

Supreme Industries Limited is India’s leading processors of plastics, offering a wide and comprehensive range of plastic products in India. Supreme Industries is consistent performer stock since past three years. Supreme Industries is expected to give positive return in future.

TTK Prestige

TTK Prestige is India’s largest kitchen appliance brand. It is one of the oldest group. TTK Prestige is consistent performer stock since last three years. TTK Prestige is expected to give better return in the future.

Consistent Performer Stocks

Over to you –

What is your call about this consistent performer stocks?

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