Top 10 MLM Companies in India

MLM or Network marketing is one of the best part time business idea. You can earn lot of money by doing Network marketing business. You can get into MLM business irrespective of your education and work experience. You just require power of convincing people for buying product/services or joining your team as network marketer.

MLM is best way to earn passive income without affecting your job or business. If you are planning to join MLM company as a network marketer, you must be careful in selecting network marketing company. There are many fraud companies acting as a network marketing company. To help you here are various factors for the selection of Best MLM companies. Here is Top 10 genuine MLM companies in India along with selection factors.

MLM Companies

Factors for the selection of MLM Companies

Product and Services Offered by the Company

First thing you need to check is product and services offered by the company. Make sure that product and services offered by the company is in demand or unique in nature. Preferably go with company that deals in FMCG segment.

Leadership Plan

The second thing you need to check is leadership plan. The management of company should be dynamic and ready to invest money for new product and expansion.

Compensation Plan

Next important factor to check is compensation plan offered by the company. You should compare the compensation plan of various companies and select the best plan as per your requirement.

Availability of Marketing Material and support

You should also look at availability of marketing material and extended support for growing your business. If you support is available you can join the business.

Business History

MLM company should be in the business for the longer period. I would advise to go for company which is in business for 5 years or above. There is no point in joining new company.

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Top 10 MLM Companies in India

The list of Top 10 Best MLM Companies in India is given below. The selection is done based on factors mentioned above.

#1 Amway India

Amway India is one of the oldest MLM companies in India. Amway is American company, but it has grown multifold in India. Amway produces unique health supplements and FMCG products. You can join Amway network marketing anytime. Registration is free. You will get commission based on level. The commission level is from 6% to 21%.

#2 Herballife

Herballife is next in the list of best MLM companies in India. Herballife is also USA based company. Herballife is dealing with herbal products and nutritional supplements. You can earn money in Herballife either for selling products or sponsoring someone as a member. You will get discount of 25% on every product which will your profit.

#3 Modicare

Modicare is one of the fastest growing MLM company in India. Modicare offers wide range of products from various categories such as wellness, skin, personal care, home care etc. Modicare offers unique Azadi plan. In Modicare you can earn commission based on your level.

#4 OriFlame

OriFlame is beauty company with very good presence in India. OriFlame deals in skin care and beauty products. If you are women, you can think of joining OriFlame business. On registration you can become VIP customer. OriFlame offers 20% to 40% discount to the VIP customers. You will also get performance bonus based on your level.

#5 Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing company is Indian MLM company. Mi Lifestyle is 5 years old company. They offer lifestyle products for daily usage which are approved by Ministry of AYSH. You can easily become distributor of Mi Lifestyle. You need to purchase product worth Rs.1000 to become distributor.

#6 RCM

RCM is direct selling and marketing company. RCM offers product such as grocery, cosmetics and garments. You can become distributor of RCM and sell their products. You will get product with discounted rate of 15% to 20%. That will act as your profit. You will also earn performance bonus.

#7 Vestige

Vestige marketing is next in the list of MLM companies. Vestige sells product online as well as offline. They offer products such as air purifier, personal care products and health supplements. Vestige business plan offer discount in the range of 10% to 20%.

#8 4Life

4Life is an US based direct selling company known for its food supplements products for general health and wellness. 4Life offers very good business plan. 4Life distributor can earn up to 33% profit. They follow unique rank advancement scheme and offers very good rewards.

#9 DXN India

DXN is Multilevel marketing company of malasiya but very famous in India. DXN India offers unique food supplements, health products and beverages. DXN offers commission in the range of 6% to 21%. You will also get incentive by the company.

#10 Avon

Avon is direct seller of beauty products like oriflame. It is very easy to register as Avon distributor. You can get commission from 15% to 30% as a distributor. You can develop team under you and earn lot of commission.

Over to You –

Which MLM Companies you will prefer for network marketing and why?
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