How to start a candle making business from home?

A Candle making business can be started from home or from a small manufacturing place. It is a lucrative business option. Candles are used in the variety of applications. The primary usage of the candle is in the religious process. Apart from religious usage candles are also used as a decorative item at household, restaurants, event parties and sometimes as an alternative arrangement to traditional lightings. The main element required to manufacture candles are wax, wicks, stearic acid, dyes, production machine, and packaging.

Candle Making Business

Candle making is one of the popular business for beginners. This business is easy to start and likely to give lucrative return broadly because of following reasons.

  • The investment required for starting a candle making business is very less.
  • The process of making a candle is very easy and you do not require big machinery to manufacture candles. You just need wax and wicks which are readily available in the market.
  • The demand for candles are high, and it remains throughout the year for the religious purpose.
  • The demand for an aromatic and decorative candle is also high.

 There are two types of candles that remain in demand. First one is a white color simple long candle with different height and size and second is decorative candles like colorful, scented, spiral candles.

candle making business

Documents and registration required for Small Scale Candle Making Business

Documents, registration, and license required for candle making business varies based on a size of the operation.  If you are starting this business from home, you only need shop establishment license. If you are starting commercial manufacturing you will need to register your business, apply for business PAN card, apply for GST number and obtain shop establishment and trade license from the local authority. You also need to open a bank account for business. If you want to protect your brand name, you need to register the trademark.

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Raw Material Required for Candle Making

The basic raw material required for making candle is paraffin wax and wick. Apart from that, you will also need yarn, different colors, molds, decorative items, and fragrances. You also need items related to packaging of the decorative candles.

You can adopt a manual method of making a candle or automatic process. If you are adopting automatic process you will need specialized equipment for candle manufacturing. This includes items such as melting pot, pour pot, thermometer, weighing scale, hammer, and oven for melting wax.

Machinery Required for Candle Making

Manual Candle Making Machine

Manual Candle making machine is handy and operator friendly. However, batch processing is not possible in manual machine. This machine comes with different output such as 300,550, 950, 1200 pieces etc. The price of this machine varies from Rs.20000 to Rs.50000. These type of machine can only make simple cylindrical candle.

Semi Automatic Candle Making

Semi Automatic Candle machine are slightly advance compared to manual machine. This machine comes with cooling system and water circulation.  You can adjust various setting and speed of operation. You can even customize output of the machine. The price range of this machine is Rs.40000 to Rs.60000.

Fully Automatic Candle Making Machine

Fully Automatic Candle making machine is designed to generate output without manual intervention. You can generate plain, square, spiral, colourful, scented candles from this machine. You have various designer mould to generate different types of candle. The price range of this machine is Rs.80000 to 1 Lakh.

Candle Manufacturing Process

The process of making candle is very easy. Follow the steps given below to make candle at home.

  • Prepare Candle tins for making candle. You can either make it at home or you can purchase readymade tins.
  • Melt wax using microwave. Make sure to take extra precaution of maintaining temperature while melting wax.
  • Measure and add fragrance oil. You can skip this step in case you are making candle without fragrance.
  • Place the wick bar at the centre or candle tin. Stir the wax and pour it in to candle tin.
  • Allow wax to cool and your candle is ready.

I hope process given above for making candle will be useful to you.

If you have any queries or difficulty for understanding candle manufacturing process or if you are looking for any help, please post it into the comment section given below.

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