15 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

The manufacturing industry has shown very good growth over past few years. If you are planning to enter the manufacturing industry. Here are 15 Small Scale manufacturing business ideas in India that can offer a very good return on investment.

You can plan to start manufacturing business on large scale or at a medium scale. However, you need to invest a lot of money when you start large scale or medium scale business. You also need to take utmost care while selecting a product otherwise you may end up making losses. As per me, you should start a business at a smaller scale and expand it at a later stage.

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Here are 15 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India that you can consider while entering in the manufacturing industry.

15 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

  1. Manufacturing of Papers and Notes

Manufacturing of papers and notes is evergreen business idea. Papers and notes are always remains in demand due to growth in education industry. In order to start manufacturing business of paper first you need to understand process of manufacturing and raw material required for manufacturing. You can purchase manual machine or automatic machine for paper making. A minimum investment required for starting this business is 2.5 Lakh to 5 Lakh.

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  1. Manufacturing of Detergent

Manufacturing of detergent is another best manufacturing business ideas. One can start detergent making business from home also. Firstly, you need to understand process of making detergent. Investment requirement for detergent making business is around 1.5 Lakh to 2 Lakh. You need to recruit semi skill person for starting this business.

  1. Manufacturing of wood furniture

Wood furniture making is one of the best small scale manufacturing business ideas.It is among evergreen business ideas. You require small shop or place to start this business. You need to purchase several tools for starting this business. You will also need expert wood worker / furniture maker. Investment requirement of this business varies based on scale.

  1. Hair Oil Production

Hair Oil Production business can be started from home or from small place. It is small scale manufacturing business with good market perspective. First you need to learn process of making hair oil, raw material required and equipment for manufacturing. The initial capital requirement for this business is very low. However, you need to spend lot of money on marketing of product.

  1. Candle Making

Candle making is small scale home based manufacturing business ideas. In this business, you need to manufacture customized candle with different size and shape. Candles are always in demand due to variety of usage like on cake, in ritual process, for providing light during power outage.

The process of making candle is very easy and investment required for making candle is very low. At initial stage you may need to struggle for marketing of your product.

  1. Biscuit Making

Biscuit and Cookie making is very good small scale manufacturing business. This business can be even started from home. You require expertise in making various types of biscuit with different taste and shapes. Investment required for this business is very low.

  1. Honey Making

A Honey making or processing is another small manufacturing business option. In this business, you need to gather honey from honeycombs. Once it is collected you need to get it processed by adding preservatives and other items. You will need skilled manpower with expertise for collection of honey. You also need to have understanding about honey processing.

  1. Jam and Jelly Making

The next small scale manufacturing business idea is jam and jelly making. Jam and jelly is food product that is made from fruits. This business idea is suitable for hilly area where fruits are available easily with low cost. You can make jam and jelly with manual process or plan to purchase automatic machine for making jam and jelly. Approximate investment required for starting this business is 4-10 lakh.

  1. Manufacturing of Toys

Toys has very good market all over. If you are planning to start manufacturing business of toys you have two options. First is to start soft toy business and second is to start plastic toy business. It is capital intensive business. In this business first you need to prepare prototype. Once you are through you can start mass production.

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  1. Manufacturing of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags has variety of usage. It is specially used in packaging industry. It is very easy to make plastic bag. Investment required for making plastic bag is moderate. There are readymade machines available for making such bags.

  1. Manufacturing of Fertilizers

Next lucrative small scale manufacturing business ideas is manufacturing of fertilizers. There is a large market for this type of business. There is hardly any country where farming is not encouraged. To begin with you should start making compost fertilizer. A process of making compost fertilizer is very easy. You need not to invest lot of money as fertilizer can be made from wastage also. Once you are comfortable you can think of starting this business at a larger scale.

  1. Automobile Part Manufacturing

Automobile parts required replacement at certain interval. If you have expertise in making automobile component you can think of starting automobile part. Firstly, you need to decide which part you will be making. It is recommended to select a part which is highly in demand. Once you are through you need to identify process of manufacturing and raw material required. You may need to spend considerable amount for doing R&D.

  1. Textile Unit – Cloth Making

Cloth making or textile unit is another evergreen small scale business idea. Textile manufacturing is based on converting yarn to fabric. The fabric is then dyed or printed and used as cloth. It sounds easy but it is complicated process. A fabric weaving machine is required for this. It is known as loom. You required suitable space and skill manpower for starting this business.

  1. Leather Product Manufacturing

Leather products such as purse, belt are always in demand, thus starting a business related to leather product manufacturing could be very good business option. This business can be started at lower scale or at large scale. It is complex business which requires lot of expertise.

  1. Electrical fitting producer

The next manufacturing business option is of electrical fitting and bulb manufacturing. These types of products are always in demand due to growth in construction industry. However, it is highly competitive market you have to be creative in terms of products.

Few Additional Manufacturing Business Ideas –

Apart from above, you can think of starting other manufacturing related business like sports equipment manufacturing, tools manufacturing, smartphone accessories making, cement making, tire making, glass frame making, manufacturing of cooking items etc.

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