7 Small Profitable Business Ideas

Small Profitable Business Ideas – Do you want to make a lot of money? Are you planning to start a new business and looking for profitable business ideas? Well, here is a list of 7 Small Profitable Business Ideas with low investment. The profitability of these business ideas is high due to lower expenses & overhead or higher profit margin due to monopoly products & services.  It is always advisable to start a business that provides higher profitability. This article would provide some of the highly profitable business ideas to start now. One should start such business based on their interest and passion towards these businesses to be successful.

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7 Small Profitable Business Ideas

Advertisement Agency

The first small profitable business idea is an advertisement agency. Advertisement agency business is like gold mine you can earn a very good profit margin from advertisements. There are two ways to earn money via advertisement. First is via making an advertisement and second is trading advertisement time, space etc. You need to do a lot of hard work to establish an advertising agency.

Why Advertisement Agency is among Profitable Business ideas?

To gain popularity business owner spend lot of money on the advertisement. Most of them hire good advertising agency to create, manage and maintain advertisement campaign.  This makes advertising agency as evergreen business option.

Interior Designer

Interior Designer is next in the list of profitable business ideas. Now a days everyone spend money on the interior of the home. They want their home to look beautiful. If you are creative and interested in interior designer, it is very good profitable business idea. In this business, you need to make plan for interior designing and help customer to beautify their home & office space.

Why Interior Designer is among Profitable Business ideas?

In metro cities income level of people are growing and they adopt lucrative lifestyle. They love to decorate their home to maintain status. They are ready to spend money on interior designing. This means interior designer very good career option.


Restaurant business is one of the most successful business ideas. Healthy & tasty food is need for everyone. If you are passionate about food and ready to serve healthy and yummy food you can start this business. It is advisable to start unique restaurant based on theme. You require lot of capital to start big restaurant. This business also demands managerial skills.

Why Restaurant Business is among Profitable Business ideas?

People are living fast and lavish lifestyle today. They don’t have even time to cook food at home. They are willing to spend more money for eating healthy and tasty food. This is one of the prime reason that restaurant business is evergreen business idea.

Recruitment Firm

Next profitable business idea is recruitment firm. You can start recruitment firm even from home. This idea does not require big investment. You just need small office space and few contact to start with. You need to help professional to get job. You will be paid with commission of the services extended by you.

Why Recruitment Business is among Profitable Business ideas?

It is no investment evergreen business. You need to help employer in getting good employee and you can earn money. There are lot of good candidates looking for the job. Thus, recruitment business is evergreen profitable business idea.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate agent is one of the best profitable business ideas. It Is zero investment business and can be started from home. In this business you can get only 1% commission for every deal, however if you deal in high-value projects this profit margin money will be very high. You can earn money on buy, sell and rent requirements.

Why Real Estate Agent is among Profitable Business ideas?

House is basis requirement of human being. A demand of house will never go down. Due to lack of time people prefer real estate agent who can help them in finding good house for buy, sell and rent.

Food Catering

Food industry is ever growing and starting a food related business is among one of the best profitable business ideas. To start food catering business, you require very low capital. However, you need very good team and event management skills. You can expect a profit margin of 30% from this business.

Why Food Catering Business is among Profitable Business ideas?

Every good or bad occasion demand good food. Nowadays no one spend time and money for making a food, they hire good catering service by paying money this is the prime reason why catering business is successful and profitable business idea.

Health Club

Starting a health club is next profitable evergreen business idea. This business idea requires lot of investment. You need to purchase health related equipment’s. You also require good trainer to start health club. You can expect 10-20% profit margin from this business.

Why is Health Club Profitable Business Idea?

People are becoming health conscious and they are ready to spend money to maintain good health. Health club is booming concept. Many people join health club to maintain status in the society. This makes health club profitable and successful business idea.

Over to You

All ideas mentioned above are proven & most successful business ideas. However, please remember Success of these business ideas depends on hard work and dedication.

Please share your views & business ideas in comment section given below.

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