SBI YONO Cash – How to withdraw money without ATM Card?

SBI YONO Cash is recent innovation by State Bank of India. SBI YONO Cash is a facility where the customer can withdraw money at ATM center without using ATM Card. It is also called a card less cash withdrawal feature. This facility is available only to SBI customer. The prime objective of launching SBI YONO is preventing misuse of ATM cloning and theft. Let’s look at How SBI YONO Cash works.

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SBI YONO Cash – How it works?

#1 Install YONO App on your Android or iPhone. This app is available at YONO website as well as Android and iOS stores.

#2 Login to this app via SBI Internet banking details.

#3 When you are in the need of cash you need to Select ‘YONO Cash’ from ‘YONO Pay’ option available in the app.

#4 Cash withdrawal process get initiated and you will get a unique 6-digit registration number, which will be valid for 30 minutes.

#5 Visit the nearest SBI ATM or YONO Cash points and select YONO cash at ATM screen.

#6 Punch the PIN which you have received on mobile and press confirm button. You will be asked to input cash amount which you selected on App. Enter the amount and withdraw the cash.

#7 You will get SMS confirmation about cash withdrawal on your registered mobile number.


Besides the 6-digit registration number, the user will be also required to enter the YONO App PIN for cash withdrawal. This means the process required two-factor authentications for the withdrawal of cash.

Only two withdrawals per day are permitted using the YONO app. Rs 10,000 is the upper limit set for transactions.

Advantages of YONO Cash

YONO Cash provides the following benefits to SBI customers.

No Skimming Risk – Stay Protected with skimming risk. The cases of ATM Skimming are increasing, where fraudsters can clone the card and get entire information.

No Lost Card/PIN – This facility will help SBI customer to avoid problems such as loss of ATM card & loss of PIN.

Debit Card not required – You need not to carry a debit card to withdraw money at ATM center.

Saving of Time – You need to wait inside the ATM cabin as transaction details are already punched. You need to just enter a PIN and you can withdraw.

Convenience – SBI YONO maximize convenience and enhance banking experience for its customers.

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