Top 20 Retail Business Ideas in India

retail business ideas

Are you looking for retail business ideas in India? Starting a retail business is one of the most profitable business options in India. You can start a retail business not only in the metropolitan city but also in the small town or villages.

In a retail business, you can start with a small shop and expand your business to set up retail chains. The key to success in retail business is quality of product, price, place and customer support. You can start a retail business even from home.

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In this post, I will share the top 20 most profitable and lucrative retail business ideas that can be started in India with low investment.

Top 20 Retail Business Ideas in India

  1. Grocery Shop

The first retail business idea is opening a grocery shop. It is one of the best retail ideas for small town or villages. You will need a small space for opening a grocery shop. You can plan to take place on rent. This business idea does not require a specific skill set.

  1. Ice Cream Shop

The second retail business option is opening an ice cream shop. Ice cream usually remains in demand during the summer season. You can either start your own ice cream brand or plan to take franchise of popular ice cream companies. You have to be selective in making a selection of the shop.

  1. Namkeen & Sweet Store

One of the most favorite and famous retail business ideas in India is opening a Namkeen and Sweet store. Namkeen and sweet remain in demand throughout the year. If you have expertise in making namkeen or if you can hire someone to help you in making namkeen you can start this business.

  1. Tea Store

A tea stall is the most common retail business in India. And also the most low-cost too. Simply, you can open a tea stall even with Rs 10000 cash. Currently, you can find some franchise opportunity also in the tea stall business.

  1. IT Hardware Store

Information technology related hardware such as desktop, printer, laptop, and pen drive usually remains in demand. Thus starting an IT Hardware Store is very good retail business option. This business require moderate investments.

  1. Stationary Shop

Opening a stationary shop nearby school area is another lucrative retail business idea. Stationary includes wide range of products including pen, pencil, eraser, exercise book, drawing copy, glue, art paper etc. You can purchase stationary from local wholesalers and sell from your small retail store.

  1. Cosmetic Store

The usage of cosmetic is increasing dramatically. Women as well as men become conscious about look and they are ready to spend money on cosmetic. Hence you can consider starting cosmetic store business at your place.

  1. Beauty Salon

If you are interested to enter in the beauty business, then you can consider starting own beauty salon. This idea is suitable for women entrepreneur. You need to undergo proper training before starting this business.

  1. Auto Spare store

Auto Spare store is lucrative business option especially in the big cities. The usage of vehicle is growing rapidly in the big cities. So starting an auto spare store business could be very good business option. This business requires moderate investment.

  1. Hardware Store

A small hardware store near residential or office area is another profitable retail business option. In a hardware store, you can keep a wide range of hardware and furniture related items. The investment requirement in this business is moderate.

  1. Courier Shop

Courier Industry is growing rapidly in India. If you have enough manpower you can start your own courier shop. Alternatively, you can take franchise of big courier companies.

  1. Toy Store

Children are fond of toys. So, starting a toy store is lucrative retail business idea. This business requires moderate investments. You can purchase toys directly from wholesaler and sell it in the retail store.

  1. Cloth Boutique

Cloth Boutique is next retail business idea. It is moderate investment business. You require small shop in the middle of city to start this business. You need to purchase cloth from someone or you can design your own cloths.

  1. Cake Shop

Starting a cake shop is lucrative food retail business idea. The business of cake is easy to start and manage. Anyone can start this business by taking a minimum risk.

  1. Restaurant

Restaurant is next in the list of food retail business idea. This business required lot of skill manageability and sufficient manpower. It is advisable to do proper survey before starting this business.

  1. Educational Book Store

Starting an Educational Book store is next in the list of retail business ideas.  This business requires a moderate investment. It is advisable to open book store near school or colleges.

  1. Imitation Jewelry Shop

One of the most profitable retail business idea is opening a Imitation Jewelry shop. As the price for the gold and silver is increasing, the common people can only afford imitation jewelry for both the regular and occasional use. It is very good business idea for women entrepreneur.

  1. Medicine Shop

If you are from pharmaceutical educational background you can plan for starting a medicine shop. It is lucrative business option. However, it is advisable to do proper market study before opening a medicine shop.

  1. Mobile Shop

A multi-brand mobile store is a profitable business in both developed and developing countries. In today’s era of internet, the demand for different types of smartphones and feature phones and increasing very fast. Also, you can sell different types of mobile accessories from your store.

  1. Xerox Shop

Xerox shop is a perfect business to start nearby offices, schools, colleges, and residential areas. With Xerox, you can offer other value-added services like bookbinding, lamination etc. In this business, you need a startup capital in purchasing the Xerox machine, papers and establishing the store.

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