Top 10 Profitable Distribution Business Ideas

Do you want to start distribution business? Are you searching for profitable distribution business ideas? If yes, here is list of Top 10 profitable distribution business ideas and opportunities.The success of distribution business depends upon proper strategy, execution, planning, product demand and capital. The distribution business are also known as wholesale business idea. The capital requirement for these types of business is very high.

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Top 10 Profitable Distribution Business Ideas

Automobile Part Distribution Business

Automobile part business is evergreen distribution business idea. In this business, you need to deal with automobile parts. You can take exclusive distribution ship of specific company. You have to be careful as there are many fake companies in this business. Alternatively you can open retail store of automotive part distribution.

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Building and Construction Business

Building and construction material always remains in demand due to infrastructure development. If you have experience in construction related activities you can start building construction business. It is highly profitable business. However, investment required in this business is very high.

Colour and Chemical Business

Colour and chemical are used in many industries. Colour and chemical are always remains in demand not only in India outside also. Thus starting a colour and chemical business would be profitable option. If you are beginner and planning to start colour and chemical business it is advisable to understand potential of this business by doing proper research. Investment required for this business is high.

Computer Hardware and Accessories Business

Computer hardware and accessories business is one of the most lucrative business option. In this business you need to take distribution ship of specific IT brand such as dell, cisco, HP etc. IT is an evergreen field and you can earn lot of money in this field. It is recommended to build corporate client for this business.

Cosmetics Distribution Business

Females in India are fond of cosmetic and personal care product. These types of product always remain in demand. Thus starting cosmetics distribution can bring good success. There are multiple companies in this segment you should select branded company with very good products.

Engineering Equipment Distribution

Engineering equipment is purchased in various manufacturing industries. Crane, Hydra, earth moving equipment, civil, construction, and control equipment generally remains in demand.  If you have a lot of capital you can think of starting this business.

Electronics Equipment Distribution

Electronic Equipment distribution is another profitable business idea. In this business, you need to take distributorship of popular electronic home appliance such as television, washing machine, purifier, air conditioner etc. You should have very good network for establishing this business. Investment required for this business is high.

Gems Jewellery

Gems and Jewellery is most profitable distribution business idea. The investment required for this business is very high. If you have capital and knowledge about jewellery line you can start this business. You need to carryout proper market research before starting this business.

Medicine Distribution

If you have knowledge about pharmaceutical products you can start medicine distribution business. There are ample amount of opportunity in this business. Capital requirement of this business is also low. However, you need to work on establishing a good dealer network.

Organic Foods

People are becoming health conscious and they are ready to spend money on the organic food. There are many organic food companies looking for a distributor in India. If you have a good dealer network and if you can market this type of products you can rule the market.

Points to consider before starting distribution business

  • Checkout out the manufacturer. Select best product and services.
  • Know the market for product and services before entering into business.
  • Read terms and conditions carefully.
  • You should know rejected goods policy before entering into distribution ship.
  • Know your competition.
  • Make sure to arrange proper space for storage of products.
  • Establish strong network of dealer for the success of business.

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