7 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

Which are the most profitable Agriculture Business all over? Which business is best for the agriculture industry. In this post, I will try to answer these questions.

Agriculture is an evergreen industry. In most of the countries, agriculture plays a major role. A business of Agriculture can be started with little or no training. You need to spend a few hours and invest a small amount in order to start an agriculture business. Here are few profitable business ideas in Agriculture that are low cost and high yielding.

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7 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

Coconut Oil Production –

First agriculture business idea is coconut oil production. Coconut oil is widely used in different products. In order to make coconut oil, you need specialized machinery and expertise to extract oil from the coconut. It is one of the highly profitable business options. Coconut oil has a wide range of applications including hair oil, cosmetics, soaps etc.

Spices Production –

Spices are used for flavoring, coloring or preserving foods. Spices are used as essential food ingredients in almost every food. Thus starting a spices production is a very good business option. You need machinery for spices production. It is a lucrative business option.

Organic Fertilizer Production –

Organic Fertilizer is made from compost and other waste material including excreta, wastes, farm residues and kitchen waste. The demand for fertilizer is growing hence starting organic fertilizer would be a very good business option.

Goat Farming –

Goat Farming is another profitable agriculture business idea. Goat farming is done for meat. Goat Farming business requires investment in the form of space. You can start this business anytime. However, it is recommended to carry out a survey before starting this business.

Fish Farming –

Another profitable agriculture business idea is fish farming. Fish farming is done via artificial breeding and hatching. Fish has a very good market. Fish is considered a very good source of protein. Apart from that fish is also used for aquarium business.

Flower Farming –

Flowers are required at almost every occasions including events, parties etc. Apart from that, the majority of flowers are used for devotional activities.  If you have space and knowledge about farming, you can start your own flower farming business. You have to select a breed of flower carefully. All flowers have not the same commercial market.

Farm Blogging –

If you are internet geek and love sharing knowledge about farming, you can become a farm blogger. You need to share content about weather update, seed recommendation, crop prices, new tricks of increasing farm production, organic farming etc. You will be able to earn very good income from farm blogging.

I hope above 7 profitable agriculture business ideas will help you in stating business.

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