Open Zerodha Account Online using Aadhaar

Zerodha is one of the best Demat Account. Now you can easily open Zerdodha Account Online using Aadhaar. No manual process No paperwork everything is online with a click of a button. As far as the account opening process is concerned, this can be done in very few steps from this very laptop or mobile you are reading this article from.

You only need few documents, KRA enabled Aadhaar card and facility to make payment online. That’s it, you are good to go!  Well, before looking at an actual process of opening Zerodha account online let’s take a look at why you should consider Zerodha.

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Zerodha Account – Unique Selling Points

  • One of the Best Stock Brokers in India in terms of active clients
  • Free Delivery trade without any brokerage
  • Per trade transaction charges – 0.01% of trade value maximum Rs.20 per executed trade.
  • Fast and Innovative Trading Platform
  • Good Customer service and support

How to Open Zerodha Account Online using Aadhaar

Step 1 – Basic Details

The first step is to give basic information for account opening.

Visit – and provide your Full name, Mobile number, and E-mail address. Click on Continue to Setup.

zerodha account

Step 2 – Set Password

The second step is to set a password. Once you set a password you can resume application once again from the second step. Once you have set the password, you need to click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – PAN Card Detail

PAN card is a mandatory document for opening a Demat account. PAN card is required no just with Zerodha but with any other stock brokers in India. In this step, you need to provide your PAN number along with DOB (Date of Birth) as mentioned on your PAN card.

zerodha account PAN

You need to make sure that you are entering correct PAN card. Invalid PAN card is not allowed and you will not able to move to next step.

Step 4 – Payment

Next step is to make payment. Amount of payment depends upon the type of account you are opening at Zerodha. Two types of accounts are offered by Zerodha.

  • Equity & Currency at ₹300
  • Commodity at ₹200

Once you make payment online you can move to next step. If you are facing any issue related to a payment you can contact Customer support of your bank or at Zerodha. In some cases, it takes time to get payment confirmation. In such cases, you need to wait for a while.

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Step 5 – Bank Account Detail

Now you need to enter your bank account details along with some personal information. This information includes your political, social and professional backgrounds. After entering this you need to press ‘Continue’ button to move forward.

Step 6 – Aadhaar Information

In this step, you have two options.

The first option is to use Aadhaar card and complete the entire process online. The second option is to print the form and send it to Zerodha’s nearest branch. As you are looking for the online option of opening account select Aadhaar card option and press “Continue” button.

Step 7 – Upload Documents

The last step of opening Zerodha Demat account online is uploading documents. You need to upload following documents.

  • Bank Proof – Bank statement or cancelled cheque or the first page of your pass-book.
  • Income Proof – Income tax returns or last 6 months bank statements.

After uploading this document you need to apply eSignature. You can use google email login as eSignature where OTP will be sent.

As a second step validation you need to give your Aadhaar card detail and the system will generate OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter your OTP and click on “Verify”.

So, that is the end of process for opening Zerodha Demat account opening.

After verification of documents, fees and your signature your account will be activated and your Zerodha welcome kit will be sent to your address.

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