15 New Business Ideas in India with Low and Medium Investment

New Business Ideas – Are you fed up with 9 to 5 job? Do you want to start your own business? Are you looking for New Business Ideas in India at a Low cost? If Yes, Here are 15 New Business Ideas in India with Low and Medium Investment.

All these business ideas are selected after proper study. I have tried to cover new unique business ideas only. The chances of getting success in these business ideas are very high.

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15 New Business Ideas in India 

  1. Generic Medicine Supply in a Rural Area

Medicines are easily available in an urban area. However, in a rural area, it is difficult to get medicines. This gives birth to a new business idea called as Generic Medicine Supply in a Rural Area.

This business can be started with low investment. However, you need to work hard in order to make an arrangement of supplying medicine in the remote places. You may need to offer medicine at the discounted rates.

  1. Vegetable and herb juice Kiosk

As per Ayurveda, Herb Juice and Organic Vegetable are prescribed medicine to fight against various diseases & to improve immunity. However, due to lack of knowledge and availability, market of such product is underdeveloped.

You can think of starting chain business for Vegetable and Herb Juice. As people are becoming health conscious, chances of getting success in this business are very high.

Investment in this business is very low. You need to make sure to generate a constant supply of raw material for making fresh juice.

  1. Funeral Services

I may sound usual that one can make business by offering funeral services. However, in many countries, people hire professionals for providing funeral services.

In this business, you need to provide guidance in order to complete ritual as per religion. You will be paid with fixed money for these services.

  1. Pooja Services

The next new business idea is Pooja Services. In this business, you need to offer Pooja Services for marriage, inauguration, Vastu and various other functions.

You need to arrange items required for pooja including Pandit. You can charge a fixed cost for the services offered by you. You can start this service online or offline.

  1. Customized Cloths

Selling Customized Printed Cloths is a lucrative business option. This business can be started with low investment and from home also. In this business, you need to design customized cloths as per customer requirements. This business can be started online also.

  1. Oxygen Bar

Oxygen bar idea may sound funny but it is a truth that oxygen helps to remove toxins from the body. It also helps to slow down ageing and helps to get rid of skin problems. If you have money you can think of starting oxygen bar in crowded or polluted cities.

In an oxygen bar, you need to provide facility to in heal oxygen for the specific period of time. You can purchase portable oxygen bar or make alternative arrangements for oxygen.

  1. Bottling Coconut Bottle

Coconut water is beneficial in multiple ways. It helps to prevent kidney stone. It also helps to reduce blood pressure. However, we don’t find any means to get coconut water in a bottle.

If you have money you can set up your own bottling plant and supply coconut water in a bottle. It is a new business idea with very good potential.

  1. Refurbish Old Cars

Refurbishing old cars is great business idea provided you have required expertise. There are many people who are interested to convert their old cars into a new car with customization.

You can either offer services of converting a car into a customized model or you can buy an old car and convert it into new cars.

  1. Relaxation Centre

Starting a Relaxation Center is a new business idea. A stress or tension is slowly killing everyone. Relaxation is one of the ways to reduce stress. Some of the popular ways of relaxation are spa massage, music therapy, and sleep therapy.

In this business, you need to establish a center which provides relaxation services as mentioned above. You can make creative chambers for giving these type of services. You can charge money for each service.

  1. Share the Workspace

Increase in property price is a concern in a big city. If you have real estate at disposal you can start Sharing the workspace business. In addition to this, you can also act as a middle man working for “Share the Workspace” concept and earn money on every deal.

  1. Personalized Gift Store

Another new business idea is personalized gift store. In this idea, you need to make a gift for the customer based on customers requirement. Example of such gifts are printed t-shirt, mugs, albums, home items etc. This business can be started online as well as offline.

  1. Unique Food Café

Starting a Unique Food Cafe is a very good business idea. Unique Food Cafe means cafe with unique interior and food quality. This business idea requires lot of investment. However, a chance of getting success is very high.

  1. Go Green Business

The world is moving towards Go Green Concept. This gives birth to a new business idea called as Go Green. In this business, you can open a shop and sell go green products such as solar panel, solar heater, solar cooker, solar light etc. It is a new concept with very good business potential.

  1. Organic Food Items

Selling Organic Food Items is another new business idea. People are becoming health conscious and they are ready to spend money on the healthy organic food. You can start your own shop of organic food item supply. You can also start this business from home at lower cost. You need to tie up with farmers producing these types of foods.

  1. Internet of Things & Chatbot

Last business idea is related to Internet and technology. You might have heard new concept IoT and Chatbot. The world is moving towards digitalization and many companies are looking for experts in this area for project implementation. If you have technical knowledge you can form a company working exclusively in this area.

Over to you –

At the end, I would recommend you to carry out market research before zeroing down on any business ideas.

I hope 15 New Business Ideas mention above will help you in the selection of right business.  If you have any new business ideas feel free to post it in the comment section.

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