5 Most expensive stocks in India

The Most Expensive Stocks in India 2017 – The stock market investment is rich poor game. It can make you rich or it can make you poor. It is important to select a right stock for the investment in order to earn handsome return. In this post, I will share information about 5 most expensive blue chip stocks of India. These stocks are most expensive and instead of one stock you can purchase several expensive items such as iPad, laptop or even 20 gm gold necklace for your wife J

5 Most Expensive Stocks in the India


MRF is one of the most expensive stocks of Indian Stock Market. MRF is biggest tire manufacture in India. MRF stock price as on today (i.e 27/3/2017) is Rs.59,900. You can purchase 20gm gold on behalf of one stock of MRF. From the year 2000 this stock has surged 60 times. In terms of CAGR this stock has given 43.3% return in last 5 years. If you have surplus money defer investment in gold. Invest in MRF stock with target price of Rs.70000.

2 Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors is second most expensive stock. Eicher motors is leader in manufacturing of commercial vehicle and automotive components. Eicher Motors is one of the best recommended stock for investment. Eicher motors has given very good return to the investor. CAGR return of Eicher motors in last five year is 62%. Last year Eicher Motors has given 30% return to the investor. You can purchase one iPad from one stock of Eicher Motors.

most expensive stocks

3 Bosch

Bosch is another most expensive stocks. Bosch has diversified business and dealing with multiple businesses. CMP of Bosch is Rs 22850. In terms of CAGR, this stock has given a return of 25% in past 5 years. You can purchase one smart phone from one stock of Bosch.

4 Shree Cements

Shree Cements is in the business of Cement manufacturing. Shree Cement is holding very good market share. CMP of Shree Cements is Rs.16350. CAGR return of Shree Cements for last 5 years is 40%. Upcoming infrastructure projects and smart city initiative will be beneficial for this stock.

5 Page Industries

Page Industries is in a textile company and holding an exclusive license of Jockey International for the distribution. CMP of Page Industries is Rs 14721. CAGR return of Page Industries in past 5 years is 41%. You can invest in this stock with a target of Rs.16000.

Why these stocks are most expensive?

The reasons why these stocks are expensive is given below.

  • A limited number of stocks are available in the market for trading.
  • Face value of share is high and No split or bonus shares are announced by a company since a couple of years.
  • The demand of these stocks are high.

Over to You –

Do you own any of the expensive stocks mentioned above?

Do you think these stocks will able to outperform in future?

Do share this list of most expensive stock with other.

Happy Investing!

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