How to Make Money with Blog in 2019

Blogging is becoming a very good career option. There are many bloggers who are living their life on blogging. They are making a lot of money via blogging. If you are planning to start a blog or looking for an answer to question “How to make money with a blog” or “How to Monetize a Blog” you are at the right place. In this post, I will share different ways to make money with a blog in 2019.

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How to Make Money with Blog in 2019

Google Adsense to Monetize your Blog

The first way to make money from your blog is by using Google Adsense. Google Adsense is advertisement platform by google that gives you power to show related ads on your blog. If visitor clicks on the advertisement you can earn money. To get approval of Adsense you need to apply online by submitting your blog details. If your blog meets quality guideline you will get approval.

Display Direct Ads

The second method to make money with blog in 2019 is via displaying direct advertisement. This is one of the best methods which all big companies are using. The payment in this case is based on number of impressions. You can make use of website BuySellAds online website to connect with big companies for advertisements.

A sample screenshot of the offer is given below.

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Write Product Review

Most of the review you read about various products are paid review. Companies paid money to blogger about writing positive reviews about the product. The pay-out varies from company to company. You can connect with big companies and ask them for promotional reviews.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money via blog. In this method, you promote other people’s product on your blog either by displaying banner ads or by writing reviews about the product. The review is embedded with a unique tracking link. This tracking link is to track sale executed by you. There are many blogger who earns money via Affiliate marketing.

Selling Services

If you are expert in specific field you can even offer your services online via blog. The services include SEO, social media marketing, financial planning, insurance, legal consultancy etc. it is very good way to reach people across world.

E-mail Marketing – Subscription

Subscription based e-mail marketing is next in the list of making money via Blog. In this method, you need to grow your subscription count. Once you attain certain level of subscription count you can approach big company about sending promotional message to subscriber via E-mail marketing. You can also use E-mail with affiliate link of any product to make easy money.

Paid Post

Once your blog grows and attain good traffic, you can also offer paid post services on your blog. In this method, you need to accept paid post by big company. You will be paid on per post basis.

Online Training

You can also use your blog to sell online training. It is unique way to earn money via blog. You need to find the interest of your audience and build a product around it.

Final Words

I hope methods given above for making money via blog will be useful to you. Select any one method listed above and try it for 2-3 months on your blog before going to next method. It generally takes time to make money via blog.

Thanks for reading this post. Do share this post with your near and dear ones. This will help them to learn and adopt various methods to monetize their blog.

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