10 Jobs that are at Risk due to New Technologies

Inventions and development of new technologies have changed our life positively and negatively. Let me give few examples. Have you ever thought that there are various things which you were using earlier but now it disappeared due to advancement?

  • STD and PCO booth were common earlier but now you will find very few STD and PCO.
  • Earlier landline phone was necessity. Now due to mobiles need of landline is eliminated.
  • Earlier we use to have ‘Yellow Pages’ directory. Now we don’t find any.
  • Earlier cybercafés were used for internet browsing. Now internet is mostly used on mobile.

This means there were many things which were used earlier but due to new technologies either it is obsolete or on the verge of removal. One such technological advancement is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Artificial Intelligence is science that enables computers to perform tasks which normally requires human intelligence.”

For Example – When you upload any group photo on the Facebook, it automatically highlights the face and allow you to tag with a name. That’s possible because of AI.

So, today let’s talk about 10 Jobs that are at risk due to new technologies such as AI. If you are young and planning to shape up your career you should avoid jobs which are mentioned below.

10 Jobs that are at Risk due to New Technologies


A job of a driver will be soon taken over by AI.

Autopilot Tesla is a fully self-driving car. Tesla also sells an electric car, solar cars. In coming days this technology will be matured and it will be implemented in bus and truck.

Germany has already approved these types of cars. Most of the automobile manufacturer has started R&D in this direction. So, in the future driver will not be required for driving a car.

Delivery Boy

A second job which is under risk is Delivery Boy. Soon you will see drones in the sky which will deliver your order.

Lucknow based start-up online kaka has already done a proof of concept for delivering tea via Drone. Amazon has already done a similar experiment on drone delivery in December 2016.

In future, all delivery will take place via drone. A new technology of drone will replace the job of a delivery boy.

Bank Jobs

When have you lastly visited bank? I think before several months or years. Mobile apps and Internet has made everything online. Starting from opening a bank account to transferring money. Applying loan to credit card everything is online.

This means another job which is at risk is bank jobs. So, if you are planning for applying in a bank for the job think twice.

Travel Agents

A conventional travel agent is an outdated concept. Everything is done online with a click of a button.

Already, Oyo rooms, Trivago, MakeMyTrip and Yatra have captured the big market in the travel space. Mostly people prefer online portal instead of visiting travel agents.

Personal Assistants

Have you seen an advertisement of Alexa? Alexa is a voice-based assistant that plays songs also help in searching detail from the Internet. Another alternative to Alexa is Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant.  All these are a voice-based personal assistant that is designed for doing specific work.

These type of assistant can be programmed. So, in the future task of personal assistant will be done by virtual personal assistant and bots using robotic process automation.

New Technologies


Doing advertisement via telemarketing is an old concept. A new concept of doing advertisement is via SMS, computer-based voice call and internet advertisement.  A big company like Google and Facebook use artificial intelligence to learn about user preference and show advertisement accordingly.

Software Testers

Machine learning is another concept which will help in learning software testing. You just need to give information about software test and it will be done automatically. At the end, it will show the complete result. This means the job of a manual software tester is at risk.

Trainer or Teachers

A place of human will be soon taken over by Robot. In Japan, robots are used for teaching English to the children. So any task which is repetitive in nature can be taught to program. This concept is called Robotic process automation. Soon you will find robot teacher which will help students in learning.

Factory and construction Workers

3D printing is among one of the leading new technologies. The 3D printer is a machine which will print things in 3 dimensions. Imagine a product which will be printed by the 3D printer. Another example is real estate or house printed by the 3D printer. This may sound unusual but in many countries, this technology is used for doing prototype work.


Another profession which is under risk is solider. In old days it was said that more soldiers mean more power. But, today more technologies means more power. New technologies are widely used for defence and R&D. This clearly means that future of Solider is under risk.

Over to You –

Please note that above post is not to spread fear. New technologies will surely remove old jobs but it will generate new employment which demands new skills. So, don’t worry be happy and get ready to learn and accept new technologies.

Article by Raviraj

Raviraj is the man behind moneyalpha.com. He is graduate in finance, engaged in blogging since 6 years. He is not affiliated with any financial product, service provider, agent or broker. The purpose of this blog is to spread financial awareness and help people in achieving excellence for money. Please note that the views expressed on this Blog/Comments are clarifications meant for reference and guidance of the readers to explore further on the topics. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion.

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