How to earn money online? 6 Proven Ways

earn money online

It is possible to earn money online. Do you know how to earn money online?  There are proven ways to make money online. However, this ways are not like get rich quick. You need to place effort and dedication to earn money online. If you really want to earn money online and turn your business ideas in to reality it is possible.

If you are finding genuine ways to make money online. Here is 6 proven ways to earn money online.

How to earn money online? 


Blogging is one of the best ideas to make money online. You can start your own blog very easily.You just need domain name and hosting space for it. But to become successful as blogger is not easy job. You need expertise in the field in which you are making your blog. Your writing style must be unique & you must know how to create good content.

You need to generate good amount of traffic on your blog. You can generate revenue by product marketing or by advertising on your blog. People earn million dollars online just by blogging.

Content Creation

Second best way to make money online content creation. You have to be extremely good at creating content at the same time you must know how to market this content. Companies today pay for unique contents & you can earn number of dollars by using this idea.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not new word in online space. Affiliate is person who gets commission for selling product online either through website or by any other means. In order to become associate partner (affiliate) you need to sign up for affiliate program with company, once you get acceptance you can start selling its products using referral program. Company like flipkart, ebay, amazone etc offers affiliate marketing program.

Buying selling domain

Buying domain and low price and selling at premium price is another way to make money online. This idea does not require big investment. You need to keep on purchasing good domain name by paying registration amount. Once you own this site you can participate in auction sites like to sell these domains. In order to earn good money in this idea you need to track domain expiry or termination list.


Freelancing is project based job done by freelancer. Freelancer get paid by doing that job or project.  Suppose you are good at programming you can bid programming job if you are good at data entry you can bid project for data entry.

Various freelancing site allows you to bid for project suitable to your requirement. Giving you simple example site allows you to bid programming project. 


Earning money from advertisement is another best way to make money online. You can sell space of your website or blog to advertiser and earn money. Money making using advertising depends upon traffic level of your website and CTR and CPC. Google Adsense is most popular option for online advertising. Apart from that you can also opt for direct advertisement for earning extra money.

How to earn money online? 6 Proven Ways

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