How to Close SBI Bank Account?

close SBI Bank account

In case you want to close SBI bank account due to increasing bank the charges or due to any other reason here is a simple guide that will help you to close SBI bank account. Please note that you cannot close SBI bank account online. The complete process of closing SBI bank account is offline. You need to visit any SBI branch in order to close your SBI bank account. The process of closing SBI saving account, SBI current account and salary account is same. You need to submit SBI Account Closure form. Please make notes of following before closing your SBI bank account.

  1. The account with the same number cannot be re-opened by you again.
  2. All pending dues to bank should be cleared
  3. Either balance in Bank account should be zero or you need to give request to transfer the balance to other SBI account or ask a bank to prepare DD/Cheque.

How to Close SBI Bank Account?

The first step towards closing SBI account is downloading SBI Account closure form. You can download SBI account closure form SBI website. –

Step 1 – Visit Nearest SBI branch and submit the duly filled SBI account closure form.

You need to mention following details in account closing form.

  1. Your Account number
  2. Name of account holders
  3. Signature of the account holder.
  4. Address of Correspondence
  5. Reason of closing account
  6. What is to be done with remaining bank balance (if any)

Step 2 – You need to gather cheque book, passbook and ATM cum debit card associated with the account. You need to surrender all these at SBI branch while closing your bank account.

If you want to withdraw cash prior to closing account, you can use your ATM card or cheque book.

Step 3 – Non KYC account, if your account is not KYC compliance you need to submit address proof and ID proof.  It is desirable to carry ID proof and address proof while you are visiting a bank for closing the account.

How to know that account is closed?

You will get SMS and email on your registered email id and mobile number once an account is closed. You can call toll free number 1800112211 for any issue related to the closing of a bank account.

As of now, there is no process of closing SBI bank account online. You need to visit the branch for account closing.

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