10 Home Based Business Ideas

Home based business ideas are very good for earning extra money. Home based business is suitable for people with adequate skill but cash or resources crunch. You will find many business opportunities when it comes to home-based business. The success of the home-based business depends upon planning, execution and managerial skills. Home based business ideas are low cost and easy to implement. If you are planning to start own business from home here are 10 Home Based Business Ideas.

home based business ideas

10 Home Based Business Ideas

Network Marketing/MLM

Network Marketing or MLM is the first home-based business idea. In this business, you need to sell products of the company and make new member under you. The chance of success in this business is very high if you have good friend circle and capability to convince people for joining a business. There are many network marketing companies available in India. You have to be careful in the selection of the company.  This business can be started with small capital.

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Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency is home-based lucrative business option. There are two ways of doing this business. Either you can take agency of a single company and become an insurance agent, or you can plan to take multiple insurance agencies dealing in life, health and general insurance. Your income depends upon policy sum assured and commission.

Tuition Class

If you love teaching children, tuition class business is for you. It is an evergreen business idea. Tuition class business can be started with low investment. You just need small space and blackboard to start tuition class. It is recommended to do a proper market survey before starting a tuition class.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair is one of the recommended home-based business ideas. Nowadays, it is easy to learn how to repair computers. You will find many low-cost courses offered by institutes in every city and town. With some tools and electronic equipment, you can start own computer repair business. Some of the computer parts can be repaired at the customer premise and some you may need to bring at home for repairing.

Chocolate making business

Chocolate Making is small scale home business idea. It is easy to make chocolate you just need raw material for making chocolate and molds. The success of chocolate making business depends upon the taste of chocolate, cost, and packaging. Once you start making chocolate you need to tie up with big shops and shopping malls for selling chocolates.

Marriage Burro

Match Making or Marriage Burro is one of the best home business for housewife or women. You need to help a prospective candidate in finding a perfect life partner. You can also think of taking franchises of popular online matrimonial websites. The success of this business depends upon your personal contact and communication skill.

Catering Business

If you love to cook food, you can start a home catering business. There are two options in this business. First is to create your own niche by making different type of food and selling from home. The second way is taking a contract for events such as birthday, marriage etc and providing catering for the event. The catering business is one of the most profitable business idea.

Customized Gift Business

Customized or personalized Gift is another business option. In this business, you need to sell personalized gift such as a photo frame, key-chain, t-shirt, commemorative gifts etc. You need to apply creativity and personalize gifts. A success of this business depends upon creativity, price, and popularity.


Blogging is the next home-based business idea. In blogging business, you need to make your blog and share valuable information about various topics. Once your blog gets popularity and enough traffic you can use various methods of monetizing blog such as affiliate marketing, direct advertisement etc.

Youtube Channel

Starting a Youtube Channel is another lucrative home-based business idea. In this business, you need to make unique videos and upload on youtube channel. Once your channel reaches popularity and enough subscriber you can apply for the Youtube Channel partner program. It is a Google program which provides an option to show advertisement on videos. You can make money by placing an advertisement in videos.

I hope 10 home-based business ideas mentioned above will help you in starting your own business. If you have any query about these business ideas, you can post your query in the comment section given below.

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