File income tax return quickly

Do you know that you can prepare ITR1 and ITR 4 online without using excel file? If not today you will learn something new. I am here with step by step guide for filing income tax return quickly online. It is very easy and less time-consuming. Let’s take a look at a step by step guide for filing Income tax return quickly.

How to file income tax return quickly?

Step by Step Guide

1) Go to Income Tax efiling website –

2) On right-hand column, you can see the Button “Quick Filing of Returns“. It will allow you to file  ITR 1 & ITR 4S online.

3) You will then get the Login Form asking for User ID and Password. Please enter your login details as applicable.

file income tax return

4) Once you are logged in, System will ask following details.

  • Assessment year
  • ITR Form Name
  • Digital Sign

5) Based on your selection screen will display ITR from. (In this case, I have taken example of ITR 1)

file income tax return

6) Click on “PART-A General Information” tab and verify all information given in Tab is correct or not. You just need to provide information about your Employer category.

7) Next Click on tab “Income Details” and enter your Income from Salaries, House property, Other Income etc

Also enter the amount of 80C deduction claimed.

  • Salary income as per Form 16 to be entered in B1
  • Income from house property in B2
  • Other income like Interest to be entered in B3.

8) Click on “Tax Details” tab. In this tab, you need to show the TDS deducted as well as Self-assessment tax paid.

Normally, The TDS deducted by the employee and other details are automatically shown here. If not, you need to enter the details from Form 16/16A etc. Or you can get the TDS details from Form 26AS.

9) Now Click on “Taxes paid and Validation” Tab. In this section you will see the balance of tax to be paid or refund.  If there is an amount in D12, it means that you need to pay more tax. In that case, don’t submit the return now.

  • First, pay that amount using the Self-assessment challan – 280
  • Then enter the self-assessment tax in Tab – Tax Details
  • Make sure D12 is zero.

Enter Bank details in D14, You need to provide details of all your bank accounts.

10) Once you enter all these details, click on “Submit” to file the return.

11) Your return is filed. Now you need to e-verify the return.

Hope you find above method of filing ITR useful.

Do share your experience in the comment section.

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