FameBit Review – Make money online from your social profile

FameBit Review

FameBit Review – Do you want to make money online? Do you know how to use facebook and other social networking site? If yes you can make several dollars per month using Famebit. FameBit is self service marketplace for the influencers. FameBit allows you to make money online by sharing contents on social media.

We use facebook, youtube, twitter and other social networking sites for fun. However, many people use social media for monetization using FameBit. In this post let us review FameBit – Self Service Market Place for Influencers.

FameBit Review – Make money online from your social profile

What is FameBit?

FameBit is an online market place where top brands collaborate with social market influencer for advertising their products/brands on social media channel.

In simple word, it is service providing sponsorship for your social media channel. Social market influencers or creator get paid for making content and advertising products of the top brands in social media. FameBit was launched in 2014 featuring only Youtube Influencer. Now, FameBit is expanded and using multiple social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram etc.

Who can use FameBit?

FameBit can be used by content creators (social media influencer) and brand/agencies.

Social media influencer or Content Creators –

In order to become social media influencer or content creator you need to fulfill following conditions.

  • Facebook – You must have at least 1 Facebook Fan Page with over 5000 likes.
  • Youtube – You need 5000 Followers.
  • Twitter – You need 5000 Followers.

A similar condition is applied for Tumblr, Vine and Instagram.

As a social media influencer you will get money for creating and promoting content on social media.

Brand/Agencies –

Brand or Agencies are those who look forward for creator with very good social media presence. They pay them for promoting content.

How to make money using FameBit?

In order to make money using FameBit follow the steps given below.

  • Signup on FameBit (free registration) either as a brand or a creator. In order to be creator you need to fulfill condition of 5000 followers.
  • On successful signup you will able to see various brand promotion content offer along with money in dashboard.
  • You can select the brand you like and send proposal mentioning how you will be promoting content.
  • On successful acceptance of proposal you can start working on promoting content.

Famebit charges 10% as a commission. You will get paid by Paypal or Check.

Pro and Cons of FameBit

Pros of FameBit –

  • Dashboard for Campaign
  • Sort out Top Creators
  • Campaign with $100 and above
  • Creator can make selection

Cons of FameBit –

  • 10% commission which is higher
  • Requirement of 5000 Follower is high
  • Limited Influencer and creators

Over to You –

Do you use FameBit for making money?

Do you think it is a good way to make money?

Do share your experience and views about FameBit

FameBit Review

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