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There are several ways to work from home and earn the substantial money. One of such ways is from advertisements, and more specifically from Cuemath advertisement which allows to earn upto Rs. 40,000 monthly.  This tempting advertisement trigger numerous questions in our mind such as

What is Cuemath?

Cuemath is fake or genuine? If genuine then how to get money?

How to earn money by work from home with Cue math?

What are the Eligibility criteria for becoming Cue math Teacher?

How to become a Cue math Teacher?

What are the unseen parameters in Cue math earning?

Should I become a Cuemath Teacher?

Let’s see insight into the Cue math and get answers of above questions.

What is Cuemath?

Cuemath is a molded mathematical learning program for the children from Kinder Garten to 8th Grade. It is designed by Mathematics, Education and Technology graduates from IIT, IIM, Cambridge, Stanford and Harvard.

The main objective of Cue math is to train the children in mathematics through worksheets, puzzles, tab based exercise by qualified and well-trained teachers at nearby centers. The main quality of this training program is that you can work both from home as well as offline.

In short span of time, Cue math is becoming successful to set up its base and grow. The more details about Cue math are available on Cuemath official website, YouTube, Facebook, Hoardings, Cuemath Students and Teachers.

Cuemath is fake or genuine? If genuine then how to get money?

Cuemath is genuine.  You need to register with Cuemath for earning money.

How to earn money by work from home with Cuemath?

You can become Cuemath teacher, if you are qualified graduate or post graduate. Further, you can teach from K.G. to 8th Grade Students.

You can be certified with Cuemath programme in Mathematics.

Cuemath works on “Train the Trainer” model, meaning they provide you the learning material at home and will train you through conferencing which will enable you to teach Maths in a righter way.

You can make your own Cuemath Center at your home and teach students through your creative idea.

Cuemath provides the details of students who are enrolled at your center, next you can create group of students and teach them at your center.

In this manner, you as a Cue math teacher can earn Rs. 1000 to Rs. 40000 monthly.

What are the Eligibility criteria for becoming Cuemath Teacher?

It is really a good chance for any individual or housewife who is qualified to teach students from K.G. to 8th Grade and who wants part-time job and income, can befit a teacher in Cuemath. The only thing required is a Great Dedication and Skill to train the students via Cuemath programs.

The eligibility criteria of Cuemath Teacher are:

Good Command on English and Communication Skills.

Compulsory Mathematics subject in your school till 12th Grade, Commerce or Science Degree.

A room which has capacity of accommodating up to eight students easily.

You spare four-five hours’ time daily, just like a part-time job.

How to become a Cuemath Teacher?

To become a Cuemath Teacher, you need to follow the steps as below:

Visit the official Cue math website

Click on “Become a Teacher” tab which can be seen on top rightmost corner on main webpage. Here, on Apply Now Button.

cuemath teacher

On clicking “Apply Now” button, you will get “Cuemath Teacher Partner Application Form”. In this form, submit your details.

After submitting your details, you will receive an OTP on submitted mobile number. Enter the OTP and proceed next.

Fill up your educational details and questions and/or remarks, if any.

Cuemath team would response you in 48 hours.

If you are qualified as per Cuemath rules and regulations, you would get confirmation message from Cuemath for your acceptance. Next, you need to keep on for Cuemath Teacher Certificate Programme.

What are the unseen parameters in Cuemath earning?

We have seen the brighter side Cuemath. Now, let’s look at the other side of Cuemath, more precisely the unseen parameters like:

To become part of Cuemath Team, you need an android based tab because Cuemath is tab based learning program.

You need to pay Rs. 5000 to become a Cue math Teacher which includes materials for Cuemath Training Program.

There is 40% share of Cue math from your earnings per month.

In case of rejection of your application, you will not get back Rs. 5000. Your application is rejected in case, if already a Cuemath Teacher is available at your location.

You are in the power of the Cuemath, they can cancel your membership.

Should I become a Cuemath Teacher?

First understand the terms and conditions of Cue math. Check your qualification eligibility for becoming a Cuemath Teacher. The registration fees Rs. 5000 is non-refundable in case of rejection of your application. If there is already a cue math teacher at your location, your application would be rejected.  On acceptance of your application, you need to spend 4-5 hours in a day. Maximum Earnings is upto Rs 40,000 per month, but in reality earnings depends on the number of students and fees paid. Cue math takes 40% of earnings as their commission. If these terms and conditions of Cuemath are acceptable to you, it is better option to work from home.

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