7 Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Do you want to make money on Facebook? If YES, here are 7 Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook. Facebook is a popular social networking platform. However, usage of Facebook is not only limited to socializing with friends or meeting new people. Facebook is a very good tool for making money. If you are planning to start an online business with little or no investment there are ample opportunities on the Facebook platform. Here are Top 7 Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook.

make money on facebook

7 Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook

1. Make Money on Facebook Marketplace

One of the Best ways to make money on Facebook is via Marketplace. A marketplace is a readymade platform for sellers to promote and sell their product. It is very easy to create a store online on Facebook. The steps for creating store are given below.

  • The first step is to create Facebook Business Page.
  • Once your business page is setup Add a store section to your page.
  • Now add your products along with size and other specification.
  • Add price and setup payment options.
  • You can also setup shipping options.

Once done you can start promoting your online store to make money.

2. Make Money via Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Second best ways to make money on Facebook is via Affiliate Marketing. Popular Affiliate networks such as Amazon, Flipkart etc are offering very good commission on each sale referred by you. These Affiliate networks have a unique tracking code. You can easily track the sale taking place via FB posts and FB links.

To start making money via Affiliate marketing, you need to first become an Affiliate partner. It is a very easy process you need to login to Affiliate network website and register as a marketer. You will be assigned with unique code and link which you can use to post on FB to earn money.

3. Make Money With Facebook page

You can also make money with Facebook Page. In this method, you need to make FB fan page and start increasing fan following by sharing useful content and posts. Once your fan follower increases and you get a good response from follower you can start promoting products for sale. You can even enroll for Influencer marketing programs available for FB and earn a lot of money.

4. Make Money via Facebook Group

Facebook Group is one of the great ways to connect with a group of industry peers. Once you start a group you can add more members interested in a related domain such as fashion, finance, IT etc. You can post useful content and encourage members to post related content. Once your group is famous you can either use it for affiliate marketing or make the group as a paid group.

5. Earn Money by offering services on Facebook

You can also earn a steady income by offering services on Facebook. You can do that by creating FB page or from your profile page. Various services that can be offered to make money on Facebook are –

  • Finance & Tax Planning
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Virtual Assistance

You can offer this services at a reasonable rate and earn a good income.

6. Make Money from Facebook Apps

If you have a very good knowledge of Information technology and app development, you can choose to be a Facebook app developer in your career. Facebook offered multiple monetization options such as subscription, Cost per Click, Direct advertisement etc. You can earn very good income via Facebook App.

7. Facebook Marketing

If you are good at marketing you can use the Facebook program and join as a freelance Facebook marketer. You need to design an effective content plan for a specific duration of time. You need to create engaging content for the audience. Apart from that you also need to create marking campaigns for various brands. You can make good money via Facebook marketing.

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