10 Best Credit Cards in India Review

The credit card has become an integral part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without a credit card. I use credit card extensively and I also keep a close eye on the best available credit cards in India.

List of the best credit card in India is given below.

10 Best Credit Cards in India

  1. HDFC MoneyBack Card
  2. Citibank Cashback Credit Card
  3. ICICI Bank Instant platinum credit card
  4. SBI Simply Click Card
  5. HDFC Solitaire Credit Card.
  6. Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card
  7. HDFC Regalia Credit Card.
  8. SBI Elite Credit Card
  9. Axis Signature Card
  10. Standard Chartered Platinum Reward Card

Above list of best credit card is derived  from extensive research and experience. This list includes credit card for cash back, online shopping, traveler, women etc. You can select the credit card from above list as per your requirement.

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Best Credit Cards for Cashback

  1. HDFC MoneyBack Card

HDFC MoneyBack credit card is one of the best cards for cashback. This card will allow you to earn money while you are spending. It is a perfect card of passionate shopper. This card is available for the salaried and self-employed person. Key features and benefit details of HDFC MoneyBack card are given below.

Annual fees – Rs.500

Key Features & Benefits –

  • HDFC MoneyBack Credit card gives you 2 reward points on every Rs.150 spend.
  • Redeem reward points as Cash Back. 100 Reward points = Rs.30 cash back.
  • Earn 2X reward points on online purchase.
  • Rs.250 cashback subject to first transaction of Rs.1000 in first 45 days from card setup date
  • Annual fees waiver in case you spend Rs.10000 in first 90 days of getting credit card.
  • 50 Interest free days from date of purchase.
  • Zero liability on loss of credit card.

You can apply for this credit card by visiting HDFC site.

  1. Citibank Cashback Credit Card

Citibank cashback credit card is next best credit card for cash back. If you are using your credit card for utility bill payment and movie ticket purchase this card is ideal choice for you. Details of Citibank Cashback Credit card is given below.

Annual fees – Rs.500

Key Features & Benefits –

  • 5% Cash Back on all your telephone bill payments.
  • 5% Cash Back on movie ticket purchases.
  • 5% Cash Back on all other spends.
  • Up to 20% saving across 200 restaurants by using Citibank Cashback card.

You can apply for Citibank Cashback credit card online.

Best Credit Card for First Time Users

  1. ICICI Bank Instant platinum credit card

ICICI Bank Instant platinum credit card is very good choice for the first time credit card users. It is free credit card without any annual charges. This card can be obtain against fixed deposit in ICICI Bank. Key features and benefit details of ICICI Bank instant platinum card is given below.

Annual fees – Zero

Key Features & Benefits –

  • 3 Payback points on every Rs.100 spent.
  • International card validity.
  • Get Rs.100 discount on two movie ticket every month.
  • You can get minimum 15% savings on dining at over 800 restaurants

You can get this card instantly by visiting ICICI Bank website.

Best Credit Card for Online Shopping

  1. SBI Simply Click Card

SBI Simply Click card is best card for online shopping. If you are online geek and make most of purchase online this card is for you. This card gives multiple benefits and rewards to customer.

Annual fees – Rs.499

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Welcome Gift Voucher of Rs.500 from Amazon.
  • Earn 5X to 10X rewards on online shopping.
  • E-voucher of Rs.2000 on annual online spending of Rs.1 Lakh
  • Card withdrawal from ATM

You can apply for this card online and get BookMyShow voucher worth Rs.250.

Best Credit Card for Women

  1. HDFC Solitaire Credit Card

HDFC Solitaire is exclusive premium credit card for women. This card offers multiple benefits related to shopping and lifestyle to the card holders.

Annual fees – Rs.500

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Get Rs.1000 Shoppers Stop vouchers on Rs. 75,000 spends every 6 months.
  • 50% more Reward Points on dining and grocery spends.
  • 3 Reward Points on Rs. 150 spent.
  • Save Rs.. 1500 in a year on your fuel transactions.
  • Zero Lost Card Liability

You can apply online for HDFC Solitaire Credit card.

Best Credit Cards for Frequent Travel Users

  1. Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card

If you are frequent traveler you need a card with international validity and multiple discount offers travel. Citibank PremierMiles credit card is perfect for frequent traveler. This card gives following benefits.

Annual fees – Rs.3000

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Earn 10 Miles for every Rs.100 spent on all airline transactions.
  • 3000 Miles on card renewal.
  • Redeem miles on any domestic and international airlines.
  • Complimentary access to Airport Lounge across India.

You can apply for Citibank Primer Mile Credit card online.

  1. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Regalia Credit Card is best credit card for the frequent traveler. This card offers premium travel and lifestyle privileges.

Annual fees – Rs.2500

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Lowest Foreign Currency Mark-up Fee of 2% on international transactions
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge access.
  • 15% discount on dining at leading 5-star hotels.
  • Protection worth up to Rs. 15 lakhs against any medical emergency when you are travelling.

You can apply for HDFC Regalia card from here.

Premium Credit Cards with best reward points

  1. SBI Elite Credit Card

SBI Elite is premium segment card for the privilege customers. SBI Elite offers following benefits to the customer.

Annual fees – Rs.4999

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Welcome gift voucher of Rs.5000
  • Free movie ticket worth Rs.6000 every year.
  • 5X reward points on dining, department store and grocery purchase.
  • Assistance with Movie, Travel and hotel reservations.
  • Attractive discount on Golf.
  • Global acceptance and cash withdrawal at various ATM

For more information about SBI Elite card visit SBI website.

  1. Axis Signature Card

Axis signature card is credit card with lifestyle benefits. If you are from premium segment it is worth to consider this card. Details about Axis Signature card is given below.

Annual fees – Rs.5000

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Free gift voucher of Rs.2000 on joining.
  • Flexible spending limit
  • 50% cashback on movie ticket booking
  • Indigo Airline voucher on renewal
  • Up to 20% discount on Dining
  • Complimentary Insurance Coverage
  • Fuel surcharge voucher
  1. Standard Chartered Platinum Reward Card

Standard Chartered Platinum Reward card is next best credit card for rewards. This card offers premium lifestyle benefits and multiple other reward points on spending.

Annual fees – Rs.750

Key Features & Benefits –

  • 5 Reward points on every Rs.150 spend on fuel and dining.
  • No joining fee, No Annual fee if you apply online.
  • Earn 2 reward points for every Rs.150 spent on all other categories

After looking at best credit cards let’s look at few useful tips for credit card selection.

Tips for Best Credit card selection

Tip 1 – Before selecting credit card you should know (1)Your Payment Habit (2) Your Spend Habit

If you are good at paying money on the time you can select any card, however, if you have a habit to make the late payment you should select a card with low-interest rates. Another thing you need to consider is your spend habit select card which is suitable to your lifestyle.

Tip 2 – Get information about annual fees, interest rate applicable and Interest-free grace period.

Tip 3 – Get information about overdraft limit and late payment charges applicable on a credit card.

Tip 4 – As per RBI mandate, all credit card company needs to publish MITC (Most Important Terms and Condition) mentioning information about charges applicable on a credit card. Before buying any credit card, one should go through MITS.

Tip 5 -Always choose a credit card that has excellent customer care support.

Tip 6 – Purchase credit card as per your need. Remember credit card can be a necessity but not luxury.

Which credit card is used by you?

Do share your experience in a comment section.

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