How much money Apple Google and Facebook makes per second?



Do you know how much money Apple, Google and Facebook is making every second? If No you may be surprised that Apple, Google and Facebook is generating profit of $2000 per second.So, per minute they are making $1,20,000 (80 Lac). In this entire amount 50% amount belongs to Apple. This amount is even greater than profit made by big oil companies.

In recent research “Battle of Internet Giants” conducted by Pennystocks labs profit details of following technology giants  is shown in graphical format.

  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Linkedin
  • Netflix

Apple is leading the chart with highest profit margin.Last year profit margin of Apple was even greater than Exxon Mobile US largest oil company. Last year Apple has recorded the biggest annual profit in corporate history, with record sales of the iPhone helping it to make $53.4 billion, whereas Exxon Mobile has made profit of $16.2 billion last year.

Few Interesting Fact about these companies.

  • In last quarter of 2015 Apple made profit of $18 billion.
  • Apple is making majority of profit by sale of iPhone followed by iPad.
  • Total profit of Microsoft in year 2015 was $5 billion.
  • Microsoft earns money in commercial licenses and consumer licenses.
  • Total income of Facebook in 2015 was $5.84 billion, profit made by facebook in last year was $1 billion.
  • Alphabet earlier named as Google has crossed market cap of $547 Billion, which is greater than Apple.
  • Google make its majority of Profit from Advertisement business “Google Adsense”. Second revenue source of google is Network member sites.
  • Youtube is Not making any profit.

You can visit Pennystocks Lab from following website.

Click above to view the full version [h/t pennystocks].

All these Internet giants has different business models, however they are making big money every seconds. Money made by this companies every second is grater than even monthly salary of many people.

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