5 Multibagger stocks of last 3 years – Modi’s Government

Multibagger stocks – Narendra Modi took oath as a 15th Prime Minister of India on 26th May, 2014. Three years of Modi Government is over. In last 3 years, the stock market has given a spectacular performance. The effective governance, demonetization and GST implementation are major reasons behind the consistent positive performance of stock market. If we check the performance of various index BSE, Nifty and Bank Nifty has given 27%, 32%, and 59% return respectively. Mid cap and Small cap index have given near to 100% return.

IndexReturn (Last 3 Years)
Bank Nifty59%
Mid Cap94%
Small Cap97%

5 Multibagger Stocks of Last three Years

The multibagger stock is a stock that provides a multifold return to the investor. It is very difficult to find multibagger stocks for the investment. However, one can find multibagger stock with careful research and study. In last year since Shri Narendra Modi has become prime minister, many stocks have given multifold returns. Few multibagger stocks among them are rushil decore, Minda industries, TVS srichakra, Force motors and Aegis Logistics.


Rushil Décor

Rushil Décor is first multibagger stock. Rushil Decor in the business of laminates, sheets, medium density fiber board. This stock has given 1121% return in last three years. Investment of 1 Lakh is grown to 11 Lakh in last three years. The price of stock on 23rd May,2014 was Rs.60.25 and today it is trading at Rs.736.

Minda Industries

Minda Industries in the business of manufacturing of switches for two wheeler and three wheelers. A stock of Minda Industries has given 1073% return in last three years. The investment of 1 Lakh in this stock has increased to 10 Lakh today.

TVS Srichakra

TVS Srichakra is another multibagger stock. TVS Srichakra is one of the biggest manufacturers of tyres. TVS Srichakra has given 883% return in last here years. Investment of 1 Lakh in this stock has grown to 8.83 Lakh today.

Force Motors

Force Motors is next multibagger stock. Force Motors is dealing with manufacturing of automotive spare parts. Force Motors have given 842% return in last three years. Investment of 1 Lakh in Force motors is now increased to 8.42 Lakh.

Aegis Logistics

Aegis Logistics is oil, gas, and chemical sector company. Aegis Logistics have given 809% return to the investor in last three years. Penny stock of 2014 has turned out to be multibagger stock in last three years.

What is your take on these stock?

Where are you investing your money?

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Do you hold any of the stock mentioned above?

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