10 tips to save more money when shopping online in India

If you want to save more money while shopping online, this money saving tips will surely help you. Here are some useful tips, tricks and money saving ideas that you can use at the time of shopping online for saving more money.

10 tips to save more money when shopping online in India

There are several points which regular buyers or first-time online shopper don’t know, so here are some money saving tips useful for everyone.

1 Use Wallet payment Oxigen, Paytm, Payumoney

You can save more money by using mobile wallet such as Oxigen, Paytm, Payumoney etc. Recently I ordered food on foodpanda by using Paytm and got 40% discount on food.

Similarly you can find many companies offering benefits on wallet payment.

2 Use comparison websites

Always use comparison websites before buying any products. I generally use Compareraja that offers free Add-on for Chrome and Firefox. You can compare almost every product using Compareraja.

Save More Money

The above screenshot shows a comparison of a laptop. This tool will surely enhance your buying experience and help you in saving more money.

3 Install Comparison Extension Buyhatke

You can install Buyhatke chrome extension on your device. This extension provides price comparison on Flipkart, Amazon and 70 other online stores. In addition to this, you can get price alert on the drop of price. It will also give you price variation graph telling you how the price of the product varies over the period of time.

I find this extension very useful. You can install this extension via following link.

 4 Find Coupon from the Websites

Discount Coupon helps you to save a lot of money. It will help buyers as well as sellers. You can save up to 50% money by using a coupon code. In order to find good coupon site just Google with good coupon deal as a keyword.

5 Use Credit Card or Debit card of Specific Company

Use of credit card or debit card of a specific company can help you to get cashback or discount at multiple places. You can save more money by using these cards.

6 Price Tracker

You can use price tracker such as Cheapass which will help you track the price of the product. It will also send you email alert in case of a price drop, so you can buy everything that you need at the cheaper price and save more money.

7 Check OLX or Quikr before buying products

If you are ok with buying second-hand items OLX or Quikr is for you. These websites can help you to locate good items in your area at reasonable cost. So, to save more money you should check OLX or Quikr.

8 Delete Browser Cookies or Use Incognito Mode

The trick which can help you to save more money is deleting browser cookies and using Incognito mode. Once you delete all cookies and use Incognito mode means you are as good as first time visitor. Many websites offer a good discount to first time visitor to lure them.

9 Add Items in Cart and buy it after few days

Another trick adopted by me is keeping Items in a cart for few days. Once you do that you will start getting a reminder via email and after few days seller may reduce the price to close the deal.

10 Wait for Offer Day

The last tip to save more money while doing online shopping is waiting for offer day or online festival. You will surely find items which you are looking a lower price.

Over to You –

I hope above tips will help you in saving more money while doing online shopping.

If you have any other idea, tips or tricks for saving more money when shopping online in India do share in the comment section.

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