10 Innovative Business Ideas across the world

Are you looking for Innovative business ideas with Low Investment and High Profit?  Starting a business is a great thought, and if you are reading this article, probably you are looking for Innovative business ideas. Here are 10 Innovative Business Ideas across the world. These business ideas are proven and inspired by successful business ventures.

10 Innovative Business Ideas across the world

  1. Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging

The first innovative business idea is an electric vehicle charging point. The future of the automobile is electric vehicles. In some of the countries, people are already using electric vehicles. They envisage the problem of charging vehicle wherever they go. In order to overcome this problem, Ubitricity has launch business to bill electricity for charging vehicles.

It is an innovative way to solve the future problem. Ubitricity has mobile electric charging and billing system. They have created charging spots everywhere compatible with every vehicle. This company is operating in Germany.

  1. Foreign Language Converter

The next innovative business idea is around new product for foreign language converter. Travelers are likely to face a problem in case foreign language is not known. To overcome this challenge and to ease understanding between people not knowing foreign language new language translator device is developed. Letrans is one such device which helps people to communicate in real time for different languages. If you have expertise you can develop similar product or take distributorship of these type of product.

  1. Virtual Reality

Next Innovative Business idea is across virtual reality. Virtual Reality is upcoming technology, which can help in many ways such as gaming, space exploration, surgery, teaching and improving quality of life. The business idea is to establish VR center for entertainment where you can give experience to the customer about gaming for a specific time. You can charge fix amount for the same. Popular VR solutions are Oculus, HTC, Samsung, and Microsoft HoloLens.

  1. Converting Gravitational Energy to Electricity

Electricity is limited and usage has gone nearly unlimited. To overcome the challenge of growing demand for electricity it is necessary to find out an alternate source of producing electricity. LucidEnergy is the company with Innovative Business ideas that could harness some of that excess pressure to generate environmentally-friendly hydropower without disrupting water delivery.

  1. Low Water Washing Machine

Water is a scarce resource. Availability of clean water is a big problem in many parts of the world. Looking at the scarcity of water Innovative product called as Xeros. Xeros is a washing machine that uses less water. This product is designed with new technology consist of polymer laundry beads. It is claimed that Xeros use less water while washing clothes. If you have expertise you can use a similar concept for launching an innovative business idea. Alternatively you can think of taking distributorship of similar product.

Innovative Business Ideas

  1. Innovative use of Cloud Computing

The next innovative business idea is an innovative use of cloud computing. Computing power is increasing, excessive computing power creates a lot of heat. This heat is wasted in the atmosphere. This heat can be utilized in other applications.

Nerdalize is one such company that utilize heat generated from cloud computing for other purposes. Instead of building different data centres Nerdalize is distributing computing power at home. The heat generated from this computing device is used for the heating house. This concept can be used in a western region where the climate is very cold.

  1. Solid Waste Removal System from River

The next innovative business idea is solid waste removal from River. It is an idea for environmental protection. It is generally seen that river gets polluted over the period of time. It requires a lot of time and money to clean the river. In order to solve this problem, Agastya Buoyant has developed water surface cleaning system. You can work on similar concept and develop your own product or you can tie-up with product vendor for distributorship.

  1. Fish Farming from Unproductive waterlogged

Waterlogging areas, small pounds, and tanks are found at multiple places. These places can be utilized for fish farming. It is one of the most profitable business ideas with low investment.

Specific Water Logged area can be converted in a fish farming area. You need to adopt modern techniques of fish farming.

  1. Artificial intelligence in agriculture

The traditional farming process is an old concept. There are artificial intelligence based solutions available in the market which can be used for the agriculture.

Intello Labs is a company that uses AI solution for agriculture. They have an image-based solution which provides insights of crop’s health during the growing season. This helps in increasing the yield of crops.

  1. Agriculture at Home – Modular Home Farm

Starting agriculture at Home is a new concept.  Altifarm is a company that provides modular home farm. This farm is designed with a wall-hugging rare and fitted with a wheel for mobility. It is a home farming concept. It is an innovative business idea adopted at many places.

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