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How to build Free E-commerce store using WooCommerce


Do you want to start E-commerce store like Flipkart? If yes you are at right place. Today I will share information about building e-commerce store using wordpress.

WordPress plugin WooCommerce is most powerful eCommerce plugin which will help you to sell anything online. You can download WooCommerce Plugin from wordpress website. Let’s checkout features offered by WooCommerce.

Features of WooCommerce Plugin –

Dashboard View

WooCommerce plugin gives you dashboard where you can see incoming sales, inventory, performance of your store etc.


WooCommerce plugin allows you to accept payment using paypal or using credit card. You can also set option for cash on delivery. It also offers facility of integration with other payment gateways.

Customized Shipping Method

WooCommerce plugin allows you to customize shipping method. You can select free shipping, flat shipping rate charge or customized shipping method.

Marketing through Coupon

WooCommerce allows you to market your product by making coupon campaign like discount, free shipping etc.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is quite easy with WooCommerce Plugin. You can even assign store managers to handle the day to day inventory management.


WooCommerce plugin also allows you to configure tax class and local tax rate.  It also keeps track of transaction and taxation.

Dummy Data

By default this plugin comes with dummy data you can change this data as per your need. It also provide facility to import data via WordPress Importer or CSV import suit plugin.

WooCommerce works with all themes of wordpres. You may need to do some styling to make it work nicely.

Minimum Requirements for WooCommerce

  • WordPress 3.8 or Higher
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or Higher
  • MySQL version 5.0 or Higher
  • Some payment gateways require fsockopen support

Build your e-commerce store now using wordpress and start earning money.

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