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Question2Answer – Do you want to build forum site like Quora or Stack overflow for question answers?  We here with easiest way to build free question answer forum site. Question2Answer (Q2A) is a popular open source Q&A platform running on PHP & MySQL.

This platform allows you to build online community to share knowledge. This community contains rich features like commenting, voting, ranking, social sharing etc. This community will be SEO friendly and search enabled.

How to Install of Question2Answer Platform

  • You can download Question2Answer from here. Unzip downloaded file using winzip tool.
  • Create a MySQL database, and a MySQL user with full permissions for that database.
  • Note down details about database like name of database, username , password and host details.
  • Find qa-config-example.phpin the unzipped question2answer folder, and rename it to qa-config.php.
  • Open qa-config.php using editor and provide information about MySQL database.
  • Upload entire folder to your website using FTP client. You can upload it on root location or in subfolder.
  • Open appropriate web page of Question2Answer on your web browser.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your database and administrator account.

Question2Answer Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • Categories and Tagging
  • Voting and Commenting
  • Following questions
  • Point based reputation
  • RSS Feed
  • Email notification
  • Social Sharing
  • Multiple Theme Support
  • Customized Widget and Advertisement Options

Question2Answer also offers wordpress integration. If you are running wordpress with 3.x version or above you can integrate question2answer with it.

To integrate Question2Answer with WordPress please refer to this readymade guide.

WordPress is most popular and best content management platform for website building.Wordpress is SEO friendly and used by all bloggers across the globe.

Build your forum site using Question2Answer platform now.

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Free Question2Answer Forum site
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