Drop out but Successful Businessmen

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Education is important but not everything. In order to do business you require something more than education. I call it intelligence, insight and innovation. If you have these skills you can become independent businessmen. Today I will share information about most successful businessmen. These businessmen are dropped out very successful businessmen.

Drop out but Successful Businessmen

Mark Zuckerberg – Founder for world most famous social networking site facebook. According to one study he is youngest billionaire of the world.  He is college dropout student running business without any problem.

Mukesh Ambani – Founder and chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani is also claimed as dropout student. He is richest person of India.

Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs was great innovator and founder of Apple. He knew people choice and he used technology to build business. He has not attended even school properly.

Lawrence Ellison – Lawrence is from Oracle Corporation. He is another billionaire drop out student. He is running Oracle corporation business successfully.

Subhash Chandra – Subhash Chandra is from Zee Business. He had dropped college and started building business. He is running Zee business very successfully.

Evan Williams – Evan Williams is famous computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is college dropout. He is cofounder of most popular social networking site Twitter.  He has also invented most famous blogging portal Blogger.

Pete Cashmore – Pete Cashmore is founder of Mashable most famous news and social media website. He never attended university.

David Karp – David Karp is founder of Tumblr. He never attended college but he is successful business man.

Michael Dell – Michael Dell is founder of Dell. Dell is popular IT firm. He is dropped out student of university.

Hope above examples are enough to make yourself convince that education is important for business but it is not everything. You need lot of other quality to build and run successful business.

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